Top 10 Reasons that Slot Machines are Great Fun

It never ceases to amaze me that when I go out with friends for an evening to visit the local Casino, everyone makes snide remarks about the players of the slots. My friends laugh at them for playing games with a huge house advantage or games purely based upon luck. These friends then go to the Blackjack table to martinale their mortgages.

It is so confusing to me – what is wrong with slot machines? While the house always wins, isn’t it true with all games as well? Let’s take a moment to defend slots. Here are my top ten arguments why Slots are Amazing:

#1: They’re Simple.. You don’t have to stare at a strategy or counting card for 5 minutes. You simply need to spin the reels and pray you are successful. What if they don’t work? They can be spun once more.

#2: There are many different types of slots to choose from. Want to play Blackjack without a twist? You can’t. Blackjack sidebets, such as “40-1”, give you two jacks instead of one. There are many slot machines that offer bonus games, progressive jackpots and classic or video slots. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with this slot machine! No strategy required. You can simply leave one slot machine and move on to the next. Simply spin and sit back.

3: You can place as much or as little money as you like. Table games usually have a minimum stake. Not so at slots. There are two options when it comes to slots: you can either play at a high-roller machine with a $1000 per spin, or you can gamble just $11 per spin at a penny machine. Slots accept players with any bankroll.

#4: Progressive Jackpots. Yes, there are progressive jackpots in some table games, but not in the same way as those found on slot machines. It’s much more difficult to find slot machines without progressive jackpots than those with them.

#4: A split second can make a difference in your life. Roulette is the only way that your life can be changed. Take everything you have and wager it all in one spin. It’s possible to play the slots exactly as you would normally, and then suddenly you have just won $200k.

#6. You won’t get stabbed at night by a fellow slot player. That person screaming in your ears is the one you do not want to see outside of the casino. The people in front of you don’t care if your accidentally hit the push button.

7: It’s relaxing. The slot machine is a very relaxing game. You can enjoy a relaxing time watching the boxing or just sitting back and spinning the reels. Watch boxing and play craps.

#8. Great rewards. You can play at both a blackjack table and a slot machine, and see which one gives the best comps. Players who play at slots get the most comps of any casino player.

#9 It’s fast. You don’t have to wait for any other players. There’s no waiting for the wheel spin or for the dealer pay everyone. Continue spinning as fast as possible, then get up and move on.

#10 It’s a lot of fun. They are noisy. They’re also very bright. With flashing lights. Cool icons. Slots are great fun. It is amazing to see those two BAR icons line up perfectly before seeing the one BAR icon appearing in the third columns just short of the payline. Look down, and you will see that there is still one nudge.

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