Give up Football: How to Do It

Best time to stop playing football? At the end of the year, when all the cups and European Championships have been played or after the World Cup. It is best to avoid all football, transfer and news.

I hear you saying, “It’s already too late. Season has started.” What do you mean?

Please hold that thought. Now that we’re two weeks into this new season, let’s think about it. How many hours have you spent playing already? You have enjoyed having more time on the weekend during the summer. O.K. The withdrawal symptoms were there, but then they went away and your life continued. London Olympics might have eased your transition. As we can’t change the past, it is best to stop early in the season. It gets harder the longer you wait. It is best to avoid listening to match results. Listening to or watching match previews can be tempting, but focus instead on why you’re giving up football. After-match analysis is not for you. Consider changing your newspaper if you’re reading one that has a lot of soccer coverage. Friends will always talk football. Just listen to them without judging. Don’t try to change their minds or convert them with a judgmental attitude. You will be ridiculed, so accept this with a sense of humour.

Explain honestly why you decided to leave 开云 You’ll find few people will have a problem understanding your motivations, no matter how complex they might be. In due course, others will be impressed and perhaps even envious of your decision. Consider taking up a passion, especially if it is something you have wanted to do but not had the opportunity. Begin an exercise regimen or start a sport. It is much more rewarding to play sport yourself rather than watch someone else do it.

Do you know how much you save? Treat yourself and family as a result. You could buy a holiday with the price of your season tickets.

You can find help on the web. You’re likely to find other people with similar interests who you can encourage. Sharing your own experiences and encouraging others will help you to feel less alone. Use the internet to express any frustrations that you are feeling. Those who watch football less often may be content with this. You can apply the tips above to a lesser extent. Speak to your parents in any case. What do your family members think about the time that you devote to football? Take the time to listen to your children’s concerns and to try to view things from their viewpoint. Finally, the question is what’s fair, reasonable, balanced.

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